Sunday, 2 October 2016



It's been a while since I made my post here isn't it? 

Lots of apologies from me 🙇🙇🙇

Lots of problems.. (ermm I might not address 'those' as problems but obstacles..yeahh obstacles!)

Lots of conflicts..

Lots of drama..

Tonnes of works..


On top of that all, He's given me a test! Which I should be very grateful because He is sending His love actually.. 

I fell sick! 

For those who knew me, I'm not that easy to catch any diseases especially demam but yep you heard me, I've got fever that lasts a whole week! And guess what, I'm pushing myself to self-healing but I think I'm not that young anymore.. sobsobsobs


Annnddd I'm forced to see a doctor yesterday 😢

Can you imagine your feeling when your tonsils are swelling and they hurt like hell whenever you tried to gulp even your own saliva, then that doctor just said "Ooh ada bengkak tapi sikit je ni haa.." 😠

At last, I've been given 4 types of drugs (read : medicine) 😷


Yip yip

Since I was very busy and ran a hectic week last week, I knew I might been missing something that He reminds me by testing me with demam like this..

I might have pushed my physical too much until He tested me, with demam which I have to stop and rest and lie down all days.. but look now, I'm healthier 💪

I might as well have been very hard on myself, my feelings my mental my heart.. until He gave me this kinda sickness which I have to give my body a treat  (rest) and my mind a space to think better..

But, apart all of those reasons above, the most surprising thing is I've got a business partner from Klang, whom I never knew at all but she wants to be my partner in business.. This is totally unexpected event indeed! Alhamdulillah 

See, it's truth. What people keep sharing and saying.

"Allah mengambil sesuatu dari kita untuk Dia ganti kan dengan sesuatu yang jauh lebih baik, istimewa buat kita yang telah melewati ujianNya.."

Allah Allah Allah.

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